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February 2015
Dear Congregants, Parashat Terumah discusses the construction of the Mishkan. The Parashah begins with the first ever fundraising drive. The Pasuk says “Dabber el Bene Yisrael Veyikhu Li Terumah.” Hashem tells Moshe Rabbenu to speak to the Bene Yisrael and “Take for me a donation”.  The question is asked why didn’t Hashem tell Moshe to tell...
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Dear Congregants, Our Parashah begins with Yitro, the father in law of Moshe Rabbenu, hearing about the great miracles that Hashem performed for Bene Yisrael upon their exodus from Egypt. Yitro then decides to take Moshe’s wife, Sipporah and his 2 children and join Moshe and the Jewish people in the desert. The verse states that Moshe’s eldest child...
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