we are starting “Let’s Talk”

B”H this Wednesday we are starting “Let’s Talk”. We will discuss and learn about different topics. For the next few weeks we will discuss: Marriage, Mikavh and shalom Bayit. Let’s learn together. Hope to see u Tehila🌷

Sunday funday!

our Hebrew Sunday School is inviting all the kids to a Sunday Funday!!!

The Beauty of Shabat- Haven on Earth!

Special shiur about Shabat!! How we can feel haven on earth!
The sweetness in Shabat Kodesh!!
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Ahavat Chinam -Unconditional love!

how we can love each other -Unconditional ?
why hashem destroyed bet hamikdash?
how the torah told us to love others like us?

En od Milvado -אין עוד מלבדו Improving your Life With Emunah!

Shiur about Emunah –
– there is nothing in the world except God.
אין עוד מלבדו -en od milvado
How we can use the tools of Emunah to our life.
Beautiful lecture!
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Emunah And Hishtadlut

Emunah And Hishtadlut

Shiur about Emunah -If we Believe in God -why we have to work ? Or go to the Doctor?
Should we trust Hashem ?
How much effort we need to do?
What is Emunah?
Very special lecture

High holidays 2017

High Holidays! 2017! Rosh Hashana -Sep 20-22 Will be b”h at Tiferet Rafael synagogue! Free seats!! The meals will be served on Wednesday night / Friday morning. 36$ per person 15$ child. To resister Please call soly 954-931-3560 Yom Kipur: Sep 29-30 B”h this year -on Yom Kipur we will be at Bonaventure Resort & […]