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Rabbi Avraham Betesh

RABBI AVRAHAM BETESH was born in Israel to a family of Syrian immigrants who migrated to Israel in 1946. One of three children, Rabbi Betesh developed a strong sense of filial and communal responsibility while living and studying among the forty members of this extended family who lived together in Tel Aviv. After high school graduation, he chose to continue his religious studies at Yeshiva Ohr Somayach in Jerusalem. Upon receiving his bachelor of Talmudic Law, Rabbi Betesh began his professional teaching career at Kollel Bet El of Bnei Brak under rabbi N. Peretz, where he instructed students in tefila, Torah, and Hashkafa (Jewish philosophy). While supporting himself as a teacher and a computer instructor, Rabbi Betesh began his graduate studies at Yeshiva Ohaley Abraham in Israel.

EARLY IN HIS LIFE, Rabbi Betesh became active In kiruv (the term used for programs of education and spiritual development for jews returning to the faith). As director of programs for Ner Lamaor in Bnei Brak, he was responsible for administration and recruitment. Administratively, he worked on projects such as Computerized Torah Treasures, which was recognized as one of the most important media developments in Talmudic reference services, gained him the admiration of his community. In 1990, Rabbi Betesh was sent to the united states by his teacher and chief rabbi, Elazar AbuHaezira. He arrived in New York to continue his graduate studies at Achiezer Kollel. He also continued his focus on teaching and on Kiruv, working with members of the large Syrian Sephardic Jewish Community in Brooklyn. He completed his graduate work in Jewish Law while on temporary assignment in Mexico City as an instructor at the Emuna Yeshiva.

RABBI BETESH returned to New York to receive his “Smicha” after examinations by Rabbi Meir Antebbi, Chief Rabbi of the Magen David Kehilla of Mexico City, and Rabbi J. Roth, Chief Rabbi of the Karlsberg Beth Din of Boro Park, Brooklyn. Upon receiving his confirmation and membership in Rabbinical Council of America (RCA), Rabbi Betesh was presented with his first full pulpit as spiritual leader of Congregation Young Israel of Dallas. In 1995, Rabbi Betesh accepted the position of Assistant Rabbi and Program Director for Congregation Or Veshalom. In 1997, Rabbi Betesh started his non-profit outreach organization, Chesed Avraham. Chesed Avraham was based in Florida, but influenced communities in South America, Canada, and the Far East. In 2004, he moved to Los Angeles, California with his family. “I have always been motivated by opportunities to influence others on a spiritual level (and) to provide a framework for them to understand their importance and their value to Am Israel. Los Angeles has one of the fastest growing Jewish communities of young professionals in the country.

 I wanted to lend my experience at this critical point in the community’s spiritual development.”

The  Director of the Chesed Avraham organization, Rabbi Abraham Betesh, accumulated years of experience while lecturing and teaching around the world in a wide range of different settings, places and languages. His activities are dedicated to spreading Jewish awareness while concentrating on the inner soul so to enhance the messages of the Kabbalah and the Chassidism.

Rabbi Abraham Betesh, has recently completed study research of the gemstones of the Choshen — The Gemstones of the Breastplate Project. He wrote the book Genesis gems and received a warm recommendation of top spiritual leaders in Eretz Yisroel.