*Parashat Va’etchanan – Thinking of Others*

*Parashat Va’etchanan – Thinking of Others* Moshe Rabenu prayed 515 tefillot in order to be allowed into Eretz Yisrael, so strong was his desire to enter the ‘palace of the King’ and to fulfil all the mitzvot that are only applicable there. The question is what about Aharon? He also was not allowed to enter […]

Parashat Devarim -The lesson from Moshe Rabbeinu!

Parashat Devarim -The lesson from Moshe Rabbeinu! In this Parashat, Moshe mentions all the places where “am Israel” had to stop momentarily during their journey through the desert. Why does Moshe Rabbeinu need to remind “am Israel” about those places? Moshe Rabbeinu did not want to hurt their feelings or reproach them. Therefore, he only […]

Parshat Pinchas!

This week parasha we reading about the “korbanot” that am Israel use to sacrifice in a. various reasons various holy days. Korban in Hebrew means -closeness . Get close to Hashem. No longer we have the korbanot, how we can achieve this closeness to Hashem? Chazal say: through the prayers. The prayers that we have […]

Parashat Balak: Hashem leads you in your way!

In this parshah we see how Balak King of Moav fears that the people of Israel will go to war against him. And so he decides to hire Bilaam, a prophet to the nations of the world, to curse the people of Israel. ” לא תלך עימהם” “קום לך איתם” “Do not go with them” […]


Parashat Ekev: Listening = Blessing

What we need to do in order to get all of the blessing in the Torah? Listening..

Parashat Re’eh -Change you prospective see the blessing!

how We can get the blessing in our life?
open your eyes and change your prospective and then you will see the blessing around you.

The Beauty of Shabat- Haven on Earth!

Special shiur about Shabat!! How we can feel haven on earth!
The sweetness in Shabat Kodesh!!
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Ahavat Chinam -Unconditional love!

how we can love each other -Unconditional ?
why hashem destroyed bet hamikdash?
how the torah told us to love others like us?

En od Milvado -אין עוד מלבדו Improving your Life With Emunah!

Shiur about Emunah –
– there is nothing in the world except God.
אין עוד מלבדו -en od milvado
How we can use the tools of Emunah to our life.
Beautiful lecture!
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Emunah And Hishtadlut

Emunah And Hishtadlut

Shiur about Emunah -If we Believe in God -why we have to work ? Or go to the Doctor?
Should we trust Hashem ?
How much effort we need to do?
What is Emunah?
Very special lecture


“Bar Mitzvah Club”

“Bar Mitzvah Club” -Teaching, learnen, Having fun togather!


Before a Jewish holiday, the kids will have a fun opportunity to experience the joy of kosher cooking

הרב אבנר קוואס מגיע לקהילה!! 26 לאוגוסט

הרב אבנר קוואס מגיע לקהילה! הרצאה מיוחדת על חינוך ילדים!!

Tiferet Rafael annual Calendar 2018-2019

Tiferet Rafael annual Calendar Reminder: We start to work on the calendar. And we have short time to get it done. Please take advantage to take part of it. We have the price list: Business cards : Post on 1 page = 180$ Post on 3 pages =500$ Post on 12 pages = 1000$ Birthdays, […]

we are starting “Let’s Talk”

B”H this Wednesday we are starting “Let’s Talk”. We will discuss and learn about different topics. For the next few weeks we will discuss: Marriage, Mikavh and shalom Bayit. Let’s learn together. Hope to see u Tehila🌷