Tiferet Rafael
9665 W. Broward Blvd
Plantation, FL 33324

About the Rabbi

Rabbi Itzchak Lasry

Rabbi Itzchak lasry

The Rabbi learn and got his Semikha at Dardei Hora’a Lerabanim at Jerusalem. the kollel has successfully trained and placed hundreds of idealistic young rabbis in all continents of the globe…

He was a Rabbi of

Ahavat Shalom Synagogue“

-Ocean city MD

From 2013 -2106

He moved to our community Tiferet Rafael synagogue at Plantantion.

on March 2016 .

With his wife Tehila and 5 children

Since he came start a lot of activities, shiurim (Lectures) for men and woman , Sunday school for the young kids. And Avot Ubanim (father and son learning) and “bar mitzvah club “ . The rabbi teach them the prayers and the Torah Reading, and about the weakly Parasha and about the Jewish holidays .

The Rabanit Tehila very active and she opened A “woman club” who bring all the woman together. She’s giving Shiurim, Torah caffe ,

and develop the importance of purity and Mikva. And how to be a better Jewish woman.

And also she’s making nights of Hafrashat Chala, and every holiday a different event.

Since we came the community grow, and more families join our community,

The service minyanim got stronger, and also the weekly Shiurim, and shabatot, and holidays.

In addition b”h we had a lot of Semachot, Weddings, Bar mitzvah, Brit, and more..

Our goal is to connect everyone together, and to let everybody feels at home.

May hashem will help us to continue to grow, and to spread the light of the Torah , with warm environment, and unity.

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Rabbi Itzchak lasry