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Hayyeh Sarah

Dear Congregants:

The Pasuk says “VeAvraham Zaken Ba Bayamim VaHaShem Berach et Avraham Bakol” which means “And Avraham was old, advanced in days and HaShem had blessed Avraham with everything”. The question, of course, is the seeming redundancy within the Pasuk. If Avraham was old, that means that he was advanced in days. What additional information is conveyed to us by the term “advanced in days”?

Rabbi Yehudah Berachah in his book “Torat Yehudah” offers a beautiful explanation. He says that some people may live many years but their lives are filled with sorrow, aggravation and nonsensical, unholy pursuits. They are deemed to have “Arichut Shanim” meaning many years but not “Arichut Yamim” which means long days. Their days are wasted on frivolous and unspiritual pursuits which have no long term significance. Once the day is over, it can not be recorded as a day spent productively.  However, Avraham Avinu was blessed with both Arichut Shanim and Arichut Yamim. He lived 175 years. And his years were filled with happiness, contentment and spiritual accomplishments. He accomplished in bestowing Kindness(Hesed). He accomplished in studying Torah and he accomplished in doing Misvot. His life was truly full in days and years. This is the meaning of this Pasuk. Avraham was “Zaken” i.e. old in years, but he also was “Ba Bayamim” i.e. advanced in days, meaning everyday had purpose and meaning. Every day counted. Their were no wasted days. Therefore, within his many years, he had many spiritually productive days that will be on record eternally.

May HaShem bless all of us with Arichut Yamim VeShanim – many long, happy and productive years.

Have a Shabbat Shalom.