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Ki Tissa

Dear Congregants,

Parashat Ki Tissa begins with the Misvah upon every Jew age 20 and up to give a half Shekel. We commemorate this with Zecher Lemahasit Hashekel(the commemoration of the half Shekel) that we give before Purim. Rashi in this week’s Parashah states that Hashem showed Moshe a coin of fire who’s weight was a half Shekel. Of course this requires explanation. Why did Hashem show Moshe a half Shekel of fire? The No’am Elimelech explains that HaShem’s message was that money is like fire. Just like fire can be both beneficial(cooking, heat etc.) and destructive so too money can be both beneficial and destructive. It depends on how a person uses his money. If he does Misvot and good deeds with it then it is beneficial. However if he uses it to chase the forbidden or unhealthy then it is destructive. Let’s choose wisely.

Have a Shabbat Shalom.