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* Laws of Tisha B’Av that were postponed from Shabbat *

* Laws of Tisha B’Av that were postponed from Shabbat *
Fast begin : (Shabat) 8.14 pm
Fast ends; (Sunday) 8.38 pm

* This year (Tisha B’Av) – Tisha Be’av falls on Shabbat and the fast is postponed to Sunday.

* Shabbat *
The rule is that there is no mourning on Shabbat, and therefore it is allows to enjoy this Shabbat like every Shabbat.

* Beginning of Fasting *
Be careful not to eat Seudah Shlishit before sunset: 8.14 pm
A few minutes earlier not to eat after sunset.

* Extraction of leather shoes *
Because Leather shoes not allowed on Tisha b’av
We need to take off the shoes 20 minutes after sunset, and take off their Shabbat clothes and put on regular clothes.

We are not doing havdalah on motzaei Shabat. Because we can’t front the wine.
Only on Sunday night : at 8.38 pm
No candle and no besamim.

Tisha B’Av
1. Tisha B’Av is forbidden by eating and drinking, washing, no relationships) no leather shoes. No using oil of perfume
2. It is forbidden to say “hello” to friends and even to respond hello.
3. It is forbidden to study Torah, but it is permissible to read in the book of Eicha, or the Gemara on Tisha b’av.
4. If you want you can read Tehilim .
5. No traveling or going out on this day.
6. No working on Tisha B’Av – if you need you can work after Chatzot. But does not see it as a blessing.

7. Hand washing in the morning / after the toilet – until the end of the fingers.
8. Face – eye wash only.
9. Dirt in the hands or a child who is dirty you allowed to wash and clean it – it is permissible to wash not only to remove the dirt.

Who should fast?
(13) and a 12-year-old daughter.

* Who is exempt from fasting? *
This year is a Lenient fast – a pregnant woman or breastfeeding don’t need to fast.
Sick man or woman also don’t need to fast.

* Motzei Tisha B’Av *
The fast ends At 8.38 pm.

Before eating, we doing “birkat Halevana” blessing the moon.
And then Havdalah only on wine. No candle and no Besamim.

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