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Parshat Pinchas!

This week parasha we reading about the “korbanot” that am Israel use to sacrifice in a. various reasons various holy days.

Korban in Hebrew means -closeness .
Get close to Hashem.

No longer we have the korbanot, how we can achieve this closeness to Hashem?

Chazal say: through the prayers.

The prayers that we have today, it’s replacement of the korbanot.

Thru the prayer we can get close to Hashem, we can ask from god what ever we need, and we can connect to him every day thru the prayers.

We can talk to Hashem every second, Hashem wait for our tefilot, he wants to leasing to us. And he accepting our prayers and provide our needs.

Let’s try to add few more min, in our tefilot, to thanks Hashem for all the greatness that he gives us. And ask from him to continue.

May Hashem will accept our prayers, and gives us all our needs , Amen.
Shabat shalom!