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Parashat Ekev: Listening = Blessing

Parashat Ekev; listening=Blessing
In this Parasha the Torah promised us that if we will keep the Torah and the mitzvot we will get a lot of blessing. No sickness, children, and good Parnasa.
What we need to do in order to get all of it?
Some time we are not listening to each other, we don’t care enough about the other person said or need.
The Torah said, if you start to listen you will see how much blessing you can get in you business, in your home -shlom bait.. how success you can have with your children ..
The Torah gave us the key of blessing!!
Start to listen!
Listen to Hashem’s mitzvot !!
Open your ears.. step by step..
take one mitzvah upon your self..
one Bracha a day!
Washing your hands in the morning or before you eat bread ..
Tails in minyan ones a week..
what ever you can..
We you start to listen you will see the blessing coming right a way..

Shabat Shalom !’
Rabbi Itzchak lasry