lectures about the weekly parasha, and holidays

Parashat Ekev: Listening = Blessing

What we need to do in order to get all of the blessing in the Torah? Listening..

Parashat Re’eh -Change you prospective see the blessing!

how We can get the blessing in our life?
open your eyes and change your prospective and then you will see the blessing around you.

The Beauty of Shabat- Haven on Earth!

Special shiur about Shabat!! How we can feel haven on earth!
The sweetness in Shabat Kodesh!!
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Ahavat Chinam -Unconditional love!

how we can love each other -Unconditional ?
why hashem destroyed bet hamikdash?
how the torah told us to love others like us?

En od Milvado -אין עוד מלבדו Improving your Life With Emunah!

Shiur about Emunah –
– there is nothing in the world except God.
אין עוד מלבדו -en od milvado
How we can use the tools of Emunah to our life.
Beautiful lecture!
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Emunah And Hishtadlut

Emunah And Hishtadlut

Shiur about Emunah -If we Believe in God -why we have to work ? Or go to the Doctor?
Should we trust Hashem ?
How much effort we need to do?
What is Emunah?
Very special lecture

Shavuot – The Wedding of Am Israel!

Why We Celebrate Shavuot?
Why Hashem needs to force the torah?
The Wedding of Am Israel.

Sefirat Haomer

Sefirat Haomer

Why we count the Omer 49 days?
What’s the Meaning of Sefirat Haomer?
What we can Learn from the Omer?

Lag Baomer – Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

Why we Making a bonfire for Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai?
What’s the story of Rashb”i?
What’s the Segulot of this day?

Why we need to eat Kosher?

Why we need to eat Kosher?

Why we need to keep kosher?
What’s the problem to eat not kosher food?
How much is important to keep kosher.
Very special lecture!