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Parashat Re’eh -Change you prospective see the blessing!

Parashat Re’eh -Change you prospective see the blessing!
This weeks Parasha the Torah said: ראה אנכי נותן לפניכם היום ברכה וקללה.. Look and see I gave you today the blessing and the course..
The Torah wants to teach us a lesson:
Hashem gives us so much blessing everyday but sometimes we don’t see it..
we looking around and we see what’s not working … we starting to complain why I don’t have enough money.. why I have a problem with my wife.. with my kids.. with my boss..
Hashem Said : if you want to see the blessing in your life you need to open your eyes!! Change you glasses!
When you change your prospective in life.. you see a different reality!

The blessing always there!! But you don’t see it… you focus about the bad things that happening in our life.. that why we see the “ Curse” instead “blessing”

That’s why the Torah said ; היום / Today!
The blessing is only if you know that your life is today!!!
Don’t regret about things that you could’ve done before..
or mistakes that you’ve made in the past.
Your life i today!’ You can get the blessing today!! Just move forward!!
Don’t stuck in the past! And be a victim.
Take a action , what I can do better now, how can fix my relationship with my wife.. with my kids..
how can I do better in my business!
This is the “Bracha” “today”!!
If you change your prospective you will see the blessing right away!
Good luck!

Shabat Shalom
Rabbi Itzchak Lasry