Parashat Devarim -The lesson from Moshe Rabbeinu!

Parashat Devarim -The lesson from Moshe Rabbeinu! In this Parashat, Moshe mentions all the places where “am Israel” had to stop momentarily during their journey through the desert. Why does Moshe Rabbeinu need to remind “am Israel” about those places? Moshe Rabbeinu did not want to hurt their feelings or reproach them. Therefore, he only […]

Parshat Pinchas!

This week parasha we reading about the “korbanot” that am Israel use to sacrifice in a. various reasons various holy days. Korban in Hebrew means -closeness . Get close to Hashem. No longer we have the korbanot, how we can achieve this closeness to Hashem? Chazal say: through the prayers. The prayers that we have […]

Parashat Balak: Hashem leads you in your way!

In this parshah we see how Balak King of Moav fears that the people of Israel will go to war against him. And so he decides to hire Bilaam, a prophet to the nations of the world, to curse the people of Israel. ” לא תלך עימהם” “קום לך איתם” “Do not go with them” […]

Parashat Masei: The journey of Our life!

Parashat Masei: The journey of Our life!

Parashat Masei “אלה מסעי בני ישראל” ויסעו..ויחנו..ויסעו ויחנו” “These are the journeys of the children of Israel” They journeyed .. and they camped .. and they journeyed and camped” Why is the Torah spending so much time talking about the journeys of the nation of Israel while they were in the desert, when there are […]

“Bar Mitzvah Club”

“Bar Mitzvah Club” -Teaching, learnen, Having fun togather!

Parashat Matot: The Power of our Words!

Parashat Matot This parshah deals with the sin of a person who makes a neder (vow). The Torah says – לא יחל דברו ככל היוצא מפיו יעשה, He shall not violate his word; whatever comes out of his mouth, he shall fulfill. We need to realize how important it is not to desecrate our speech, […]